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There are some words that can't be broken down into very small ones.  All these words are called Root or Base Word .

 New words are created by putting a letter or group of letters before and after all these root words.  This letter or group of letters is called a particle.

কিছু কিছু Word আছে যাদেরকে ভেঙে খুব ছোট করা যায় না । এই সমস্ত Word -কে বলা হয় Root বা Base ( মূল ) Word .

এই সমস্ত Root Word এর পূর্বে এবং পরে একটি  letter বা group of letters বসিয়ে নতুন শব্দ তৈরি করা হয় । এই letter বা group of letters -কে বলা হয় Particle বা শব্দাংশ

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What is Prefix ?

The syllable that sits before a root word and creates a new word is called a prefix .

যে শব্দাংশ কোন Root Word এর আগে বসে নতুন শব্দ তৈরি করে তাকে বলে Prefix .

Example - un + known = unknown

Here un is Prefix and known is Root Word.

Prefix List :-

Prefix Root Word New Word
PrefixUn Root Wordhappy New WordUnhappy
PrefixUn Root Wordcommon New WordUncommon
PrefixUn Root Wordable New WordUnable
PrefixUn Root Wordkind New WordUnkind
PrefixUn Root Wordlucky New WordUnlucky
PrefixUn Root Wordusual New WordUnusual
PrefixUn Root Wordimportant New WordUnimportant
PrefixUn Root Wordwell New WordUnwell
PrefixIn Root Wordcomplete New WordIncomplete
PrefixIn Root Wordvalid New WordInvalid
PrefixIn Root Wordvisible New WordInvisible
PrefixIn Root Wordcorrect New WordIncorrect
PrefixIn Root Wordactive New WordInactive
PrefixIn Root Wordjustice New WordInjustice
PrefixIn Root Wordability New WordInability
PrefixIn Root Wordsane New WordInsane
PrefixDis Root Wordlike New WordDislike
PrefixDis Root Wordappear New WordDisappear
PrefixDis Root Wordhonest New WordDishonest
PrefixDis Root Wordagree New WordDisagree
PrefixDis Root Wordobey New WordDisobey
PrefixIr Root Wordrational New WordIrrational
PrefixIr Root Wordregular New WordIrregular
PrefixIr Root Wordrelevant New WordIrrelevant
PrefixIl Root Wordlegal New WordIllegal
PrefixIl Root Wordlogical New WordIllogical
PrefixIl Root Wordliterate New WordIlliterate
PrefixIm Root Wordmortal New WordImmortal
PrefixIm Root Wordpatient New WordImpatient
PrefixIm Root WordPossible New WordImpossible
PrefixNon Root Wordsense New WordNonsense
PrefixNon Root Wordstop New WordNonstop
PrefixMis Root Wordguide New WordMisguide
PrefixMis Root Wordunderstand New WordMisunderstand
PrefixMis Root Wordfortune New WordMisfortune
PrefixAb Root Worduse New WordAbuse
PrefixAb Root Wordnormal New WordAbnormal
PrefixAb Root Wordsolute New WordAbsolute
PrefixAnti Root Wordbody New WordAntibody
PrefixAnti Root Worddote New WordAntidote


What is Suffix ?

The syllable that sits after a root word and creates a new word is called a suffix .

যে শব্দাংশ কোন Root Word এর পরে বসে নতুন শব্দ তৈরি করে তাকে বলে Suffix .

Example - colour + ful = colourful

Here color is Root Word and ful is suffix.

Suffix List :-

Root Word Suffix New Word
Root WordUse Suffixful New WordUseful
Root WordHelp Suffixful New WordHelpful
Root WordCare Suffixful New WordCareful
Root WordJoy Suffixful New WordJoyful
Root WordHope Suffixful New WordHopefull
Root WordPower Suffixful New WordPowerful
Root WordBeauty Suffixful New WordBeautiful
Root WordState Suffixment New WordStatement
Root WordTreat Suffixment New WordTreatment
Root WordArrange Suffixment New WordArrangement
Root WordFear Suffixless New WordFearless
Root WordPower Suffixless New WordPowerless
Root WordColour Suffixless New WordColourless
Root WordCare Suffixless New WordCareless
Root WordAccept Suffixable New WordAcceptable
Root WordMove Suffixable New WordMovable
Root WordGood Suffixness New WordGoodness
Root WordDark Suffixness New WordDarkness
Root WordKind Suffixness New WordKindness
Root WordWarm Suffixth New WordWarmth
Root WordGrow Suffixth New WordGrowth
Root WordChild Suffixhood New WordChildhood
Root WordWoman Suffixhood New WordWomanhood
Root WordSuggest Suffixtion New WordSuggestion
Root WordDirect Suffixtion New WordDirection
Root WordCorrect Suffixtion New WordCorrection
Root WordCollect Suffixtion New WordCorrection
Root WordCreate Suffixtion New WordCreation